Selling a House with Mold

So you’re thinking of selling a house with mold? The potential for mold is anywhere a moist, damp, spot has taken root. A lot of homeowners who are looking to sell their home may not even know they have mold because it can be in places that they wouldn’t think to look. More buyers are taking note of issues of mold in homes and backing out of contracts due to the hazards mold can bring.

As a homeowner, having mold can affect you selling your home quickly. Mold can be found anywhere from the bathroom, laundry room, and attic. Any room that is poorly ventilated, you may be able to see the beginning of a mold problem and it’s something that needs to be taken care of before you decide to sell your home!

Selling a house with mold- steps to correct!

  1. Do an inspection- If you go through your house and you see what may be the beginning of a mold problem, get a professional inspection. Yes, you have to pay for this out of pocket, but a professional can tell you if it is a surface mold or if it’s more dangerous like black mold. They can also tell you what you need to do in order to re mediate the problem area.
  2. Make necessary repairs- Once you’ve had the inspection and know how to fix the issue, make the repairs. Mold grows from moisture so fix any leaks and water intrusion first! Once you fix the source of the problem, you can fix the walls or floors around the area. Depending on what type of repair is needed, you may be able to fix the problem area yourself if you are handy. Sometimes it’s better to hire a professional so you can get a receipt and most companies will provide some kind of warranty for their work that you can give to the buyers.
  3. Get a certificate of mold removal- Depending on how much mold you have in your home, you can bring in a remediation company that will do all the repairs and give you a certificate of mold remediation. These are needed if you have a large surface area that had mold. These companies not only treat the area but they clean the air ducts and make sure there are no other affected areas in the home. This will give buyers a peace of mind that they won’t have any mold issues once they move in the house.
  4. Get a pre listing home inspection- This is just like the first inspection you paid for except, this will show buyers that all areas were treated and fixed. You can give this inspection as a courtesy to buyers so they know that all repairs were finalized and no more issues have been found in the home.

For a homeowner, having mold from time to time is a reality. The best thing you can do is to correct the situation as soon as you notice it. Mold will not go away on it’s own so it is not something you should push off to a later time.

If you find that your mold problem is just too much to handle or you don’t have the resources to fix the issue, we can help! We buy mold houses from homeowners all the time! The good news is unlike regular buyers, we don’t need to do inspections or have experts come in to look at the issue. We will buy your house as-is and deal with the mold issue ourselves. We will pay cash so you don’t have to worry about our financing falling through due to major repairs. We can make the situation quick and easy and provide solutions to your problem house!

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