Five ways selling your house fast in Jacksonville FL saves you money!

The old saying is true, time is money. And selling your house fast could save you lots of extra expenses that could put more money in your pocket. Wouldn’t it be comforting to know you could sell your home quickly? Are you interested in learning more? Read on to learn 5 ways selling your house fast in Jacksonville FL saves you money!


In most situations, sellers have either moved to another location or moving very quickly for either personal issues or an employment opportunity. It can be a struggle to have to pay double the utility bills for both places. With a quick sell of your house, you won’t have to incur extra costs of keeping both houses cool and the lights on. This includes gas bill (if applicable), cable and internet, water bill, and of course your electric bill. When you sell directly to a home buying company like Mac Home Development, you can save money quickly by selling your house fast.

Maintenance and Repairs

If your house is in need of repairs, selling quickly and to a direct home buyer can save you thousands of dollars. Most buyers are going to want all major items updated, not just for peace of mind but it will almost cost them high insurance premiums if outdated. When you sell to a company like Mac Home Development, we save you the time and money and take on those repairs since we’re a cash buyer. You don’t have to worry about getting a new roof or updating plumbing, we save you thousands right out the door!

Mortgage Payments

No need to keep paying mortgage payments month after month, especially if you have already moved to a new place and also have to pay on that one as well. You could list with a real estate agent and your property could sit for months while you still have to make the payment for your house. You could also get the house under contract quickly but inspections or financing issues with the buyer could cause delays or the sale not happening at all. Selling to Mac home development, we pay cash and can close in days so you know you won’t have to worry about double the payments for long!

HOA Fees And Taxes

When your home is for sale, not only do all the other expenses continue, your HOA fees and taxes could be gobbling away at any profit you may see if your listing lingers on the market. If you have a mortgage, most of these are put in an escrow account when you bought the house and paid for by your lender each month. The longer your house sits, the more you could be paying each month. Working with a direct buyer like us means that you could end up making these payments in a matter of days, another way  selling your house fast in Jacksonville FL saves you money

Closing Costs

With a traditional sale, there are realtor fees, title searches, attorney closing fees, lien searches etc that have to paid. When you work with a direct home buyer, there are no realtor fees and we pay for the other closing costs. On average, this saves you about 6% just by working with us! It truly is a win-win situation for a seller. You get to close on your home quickly and you don’t have to pay all the extra fees that come with a traditional sale.

In the end, selling your house fast in Jacksonville FL saves you money when you work with Mac Home Development! We help make selling your house as easy as possible and get rid of all those extra fees! If you are interested in getting an all cash offer for your house, call us at 904-416-9398 or fill out our form!

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