15 Sell Your House Fast Jacksonville Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Homeowners 

15 Sell Your House Fast Jacksonville Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Homeowners 

Selling your home can be a stressful time for you and your family. You only get one shot for your home to be brand new to the market and you want to make sure it’s show ready from day one. There are some hacks that you can do to ensure that your property is beautiful from the inside out! We’ll break down 15 sell your house fast Jacksonville hacks.

  1. Spruce up your landscaping- They say a buyer decides on a house within the first 3 seconds of looking at it. One thing a lot of sellers over look is updating the landscaping. Adding some bright planters and new mulch can go a long way. Make sure all tree limbs and bushes are cut back as well. Cut the grass weekly and make sure to water the lawn to keep it looking fresh.
  2. Interior and exterior paint- Updating the interior and exterior paint of your home is something you can do yourself or hire someone inexpensively. New paint adds a fresh feel to your home and gets rid of the years of normal wear and tear on your walls. Don’t forget to brighten up your baseboards. Buyers pay more attention to baseboards than they do other parts of your house.
  3. Declutter- The saying goes, take away 50% of your stuff and then 20% more after. You want buyers to be able to see all the great features in your house, not the stack of papers or toaster. Put away everything that you don’t need on a daily basis and tidy up spaces that you’ve been neglecting for a while.
  4. Deep clean- Now is the time to deep clean those carpets and bathtubs. Hire a professional to come in and do the dirty work for you. Make sure you spend some extra time cleaning those windows and blinds. Dust all fans and china cabinets.
  5. Pressure wash- Again with first impressions. Rent or hire a pressure washer to clean your driveway and sidewalks. Also pressure wash the front walk way to your house will be an added bonus. If you have a back patio area, do that spot as well!
  6. Stage your home- If you have a room that you weren’t sure what to do with or its just an extra space, hiring a stager to come in and add some pieces of furniture will add value to your property. Plus a stager can add some additional paintings or pops of color to really make a room look amazing. They can also rearrange furniture to add for maximum space in each room.
  7. Get professional photos- Everyone loves to save money but this is one item you don’t want to over look. A professional photographer will have the right equipment to make your house look big and bright. They can also take photos that make your house look more appealing. Over 80% of buyers are looking for homes online. This means your house needs to look good enough in photos for them to want to come inside.
  8. Update light fixtures- Adding new fixtures in all your rooms can add a whole new feel to it. Changing out old fixtures for new modern ones and some led bulbs can help make a room brighter. Speaking of bulbs, make sure all burnt out bulbs are replaced.
  9. Add air fresheners- Adding a light scent to your home will make buyers feel welcomed and in turn more interested in your home. If you have pets, adding some fresheners near a cat box or dog bed can help eliminate stinky odors.
  10. Depersonalize- Take down family photos and anything that is personal to you like religious or political items. You want your house to be as neutral as possible so buyers can feel as if they already live there.
  11. Caulk bathtubs and windows- Over time, the caulk in bathrooms and windows start to come apart and can leave the area looking moldy. Now is the time to freshen up your bathrooms and windows by scrapping off the old caulk and adding some new white caulk. This is an easy DIY project and won’t take more than a couple of hours.
  12. Add pops of color- This makes your house feel more inviting when the right pops of color are added to rooms. A good idea for pop of color is adding fresh flowers to your dining room table. You can also add some bright fruit to have on your kitchen counters. For the bathrooms, you can add some hand towels that go with the color scheme. For bedrooms, you can add throw pillows or a nice blanket.
  13. Make beds daily- You never know when an agent will request a showing on your house so it needs to be show ready at all times. This includes having your bed made daily. Having the beds made adds another element of your house being put together. It also helps buyers see how their bedroom furniture will look in the space. Now may also be the time to upgrade any old comforters you may have a new and fresh one.
  14. Remove valuables- This isn’t as much as a tip to help sell your house but it is an important tip. You don’t want to keep anything in your house that can’t be replaced or that you really need. Some of these may be important medicines that you take daily, fire arms, a family heirloom, cash etc. You don’t have to fully remove these from the house but they do need to be locked away from buyers.
  15. Provide access- This is a very important hack! A lot of sellers think it’s best if they stay around for showings because they think they can add value to buyers by pointing out things that only they would know but it actually hurts showings. Buyers want to be able to walk around and make comments to each other and their agents. If you stay in the house or even step outside, it can make them uncomfortable and speed up their showing. You want buyers to spend as much time in your house as they can so they’ll want to buy it quickly!

Those were our top 15 Sell Your House Fast Jacksonville Hacks. If you went through that list and decided your house needs a lot more work than this or you don’t want to deal with these hassles, call us at 904-416-9398 and we can buy your house as is and you won’t have to worry about doing any of this stuff! At Mac Home Development, we pay cash and can close on your time frame making it a win- win for everyone!

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