Frequent Ask Questions

Can you stop a foreclosure?

We can buy your house before it goes to foreclosure auction saving you from the headache that auctions bring. If you owe more than the house is worth, we will hire an attorney at NO cost to you and negotiate the short sale with your lender. Foreclosures can be stopped so don’t wait to call!

Do I have to sell my house if I call or fill out the online form?

Nope! There is no obligation in you doing so. It’s totally free and confidential. If you decide selling is not right for you, we won’t contact you again by phone or email.

Do I really get cash in my pocket?

That depends. If you are in a short sale situation, all profits go to the lender to satisfy that debt. If you are not in a short sale situation and owe less on your home, then YES you will get money in your pocket!

I’m interested, how does this process work?

Simple. Fill out the form or call us at 904-416-9398 to give us more information. We will then give you a cash offer on your home. If you like the terms and price, then we’ll schedule a time to meet and complete the paperwork. From there, a title company takes over and we close as soon as 7 days or on your timeline.

What are you looking for in the houses that you buy?

We buy houses that need work. Whether updating, structural issues, fire damage, flooding, or anything else, we’ll take it as is.

If you own a home that only needs minor repairs or updating, let us list it for retail price to get more money in your pocket!

Sell your Home Fast! Guaranteed CASH Offer!

Fill out the form below or call 904-416-9398 to give us more information.

One of our team members will call you with a cash offer.

Once terms are agreed upon, we'll handle all the paperwork and close within 7 days or on your timeline!”